Founded in 1902 by John & Louise Baggenstoss, Swiss immigrants who moved to Tennessee in the 1880's, the Dutch Maid Bakery is Tennessee's oldest family-owned bakery. Cindy Day, the Executive Chef and Baker is only the third owner of the Dutch Maid, and has continued the traditional baking of the Dutch Maid from scratch. 

The Dutch Maid was rebuilt in the 1920's after an errant ember burned the bakery, but many of the ovens, mixers, and other pieces of equipment are the same that ones that have been used since then.

The bakery stayed in the Baggenstoss family and extended family until 2003, at which point it was closed. Cindy Day saw the bakery for sale while visiting the area and immediately knew that she had to buy and restore the bakery to its former glory. After purchasing the bakery in 2005, Cindy and her family reopened the Dutch Maid 18 months later with the original spirit still intact. 

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"Baking scrumptious desserts is an art form, requiring a delicate touch and enough patience to await that perfect moment when your work has risen to the occasion."

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Congratulations to Senator Janice Bowling on her re-election!

Congratulations to Senator Janice Bowling on her re-election!

"[The Dutch Maid] will make you feel as if you stepped back in time, and there's good reason for that! ... If you can't stop by in person, many of the fresh baked goods can be delivered to your door!"
"... founded in 1902 by Swiss immigrants John and Louise Baggenstoss [and] housed in an old brick building with charming hardwood floors, the Dutch Maid still beckons passers-by with the aroma of fresh-baked bread and friendly small-town service."